Ariana Ruth


London, United Kingdom




Growing up with a family business in the floral industry, only a few miles west of New York City, Ariana has always been surrounded by the vibrant colours that only nature and a city like New York could provide.

After graduating in 2012 from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography, Ariana moved to London. Her first months were spent exploring the city on foot, talking to the locals and immersing herself in the creative community. Through her passion for London she started running bespoke walking tours for London locals and tourists. It was through running these tours that the travel + lifestyle magazine, In Clover first got in touch. 

In 2015 Ariana began managing the travel and lifestyle magazine, In Clover. Her role included working with contributors and core staff members on each issue to help create a cohesive narrative. 

In 2018 Ariana launched her own publication, Table Magazine focussing on wholesome recipes, food culture and the people that make up the community. As Editor-In-Chief she brought on Art Director Dunja Opalko and Creative Director Ola O Smit, to help shape the brand and create something fresh and new. 

Ariana is available for freelance & consultancy work on editorial projects as a project manager, photographer and writer.