Interview with Jarek + Angela from A Man of Few Words


How did you come up with the idea for AMOFW?

AMOFW started as a side project, born from passion to design and natural materials, not as a pursuit of money. We just wanted to make this world a little bit simpler and beautiful. 


Is there a story behind the name, A Man of Few Words?

A man of few words is a person who speaks concisely. Few words but with a lot of sense. That is exactly our attitude. We expand this idiom as this is not only a matter of speaking but whole way of life.



What is your favourite piece on your site at the moment?

Angela: I adore our Varenna clutches in all colours. When I go out somewhere with one of them, I always hear from someone : "Tell me, where did you buy it?”.

Jarek: iPhone 6 case in natural colour, which I have with me every day, really makes me enjoy the use of the phone while not hiding its design like bumpers do.


What is your main goal for AMOFW?

We try to create items that are our interpretation of classics, therefore to create new looks that stay classy - all with attention do design and aesthetics. Manufacturing is also very important. Every component of our items are from the EU, mainly from Poland. We don't accept cheap labour. We enjoy our work and want the same for our counterparts.


What do you see for the future of AMOFW?

We would like to develop our brand step by step. We don’t exclude that we’ll also produce clothes in the future. At the moment we’re creating a leather bag collection, that will be a milestone for the brand. But one thing is certain, we’ll always value quality more than quantity when producing anything.


Describe your perfect Sunday.

Eating delicious breakfast, drinking good coffee, go out, do something creative


What was the last song that you listened to?

Angela: Honestly I prefer watching movies than listening to music, so if I feel like listening to music I usually reach for a soundtrack from the movie, which I especially remembered. I like almost every soundtrack from Quentin Tarantino’s movies, but in this year I surprisingly often listened to sountrack from The sectret live of Walter Mitty and Her by Spike Jonze.

Jarek: Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum, live album


What is your local city and what is your personal recommendation for that city?

Currently we live in Wrocław ( in south-western Poland). If you’re planing to visit this city, do it in the spring or summer. Then you’ll be able to fully enjoy the pleasures of the city, such as walking along the Odra river, watching good movies (in the end of July New Horizons Festival takes place), listening to good music (at least once a month in the spring/summer season takes place a major event on the cultural map of Wroclaw - called Rap Szalet) or eating delicious street food under the open sky from one of foodtracks.

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