Six Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Six Places to Visit in Amsterdam

6 Places to Visit in Amsterdam

As a resident of London for almost five years now, one would think that I'd been to Amsterdam before. It's no more than a forty minute flight, it takes me longer to finish reading a Volume of In Clover Magazine than to get there. This past January I visited the city of never ending canals and the Red Light District. Below is by no means a complete City Guide, it is however a collection of some of the places that I found on my travels. 


Winkel 43  |  This was a cafe that had been recommended to me by a friend who had lived in Amsterdam for many years. She had spoken about the Apple Cake served at this cafe with Saintlike devotion, there was no way that I was going to miss out on a chance to try it! Once I walked into the cosy shop, it was clear that everyone else had the same idea. Upon almost every table was a slice or two of this famous Apple Cake. If you're in Amsterdam, it's not to be missed! I will say that my friend and I ordered our own slices, this might have been a bit of a mistake -they are hella big!

Bocca Coffee  |  The coffee and tea at Bocca Coffee was especially nice and had us coming back every morning to fuel up for the day. The cafe was a large modern feel that brought me back to some of the coffee chops that we visited in San Francisco. There were nooks to sit in with friends as well as tables to work away the afternoon at. 


RaïnaraïThis Algerian restaurant was another happy accident... or not so happy, I had become quite 'hangry' after walking all over Amsterdam without eating. My poor friend steered us to the nearest restaurant for some food. Raïnaraï had the most beautiful display of fruit and vegetables outside, the delicious smells wafting our way made up our minds. 

Roses by SAL | One of the things I love about Europe is how much people travel around. Being so close to so many different cities gives you such a great advantage. It was on this weekend that I was in Amsterdam that I discovered that a friend from London was also in town. Per her suggestion we had dinner at Roses by Sal, a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the city. The polpo we ordered was the best I'd ever had, make sure to order it during your visit if you like octopus! 


Athenaeum BoekhandelJust in case you haven't heard of this place, this is the number one place to go to find some of the world's best magazines. It was a happy accident that I stumbled upon this place and found In Clover Magazine being featured in the front of the shop. This is a shop not to be rushed, there are so many gems to be found on the shelves and stacked along the side on the floor. This will definitely be one that I return to every time I'm in Amsterdam. 

DIV DamesboudoirI don't usually do too much shopping when I travel, but I'm always interested to see what's in trend. A shop near our Airbnb turned out to be my favourite, it reminded me slightly of COS but with a bit more colour and a bit more feminine. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of my favourite stops in Amsterdam I'd love to hear about some of your favourite places in Amsterdam, leave a comment below! To gain access to more of my 'must see' places in Amsterdam as well as the rest of the world, sign up for my newsletter and get an exclusive access code to my personal map of pins!