Interview with Christiann Koepke from Portland Fresh

Interview with Christiann Koepke from Portland Fresh

Where did the idea come from to start your blog, Portland Fresh?

Just over a year ago I moved to Portland, Oregon and found myself looking for ways to express creativity in a new way. The blog came from a long love of cooking and hosting dinner parties for friends. In having a blog, I knew I could do something with this love and share it with others. 

Fast forward a year later and it’s been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. I love what I do!

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Food seems to be one of the focal points to your site and blog, what is your philosophy on food and cooking?

Food should create experiences and moments to be cherished and savored. There’s just something about making something with your own hands, and then gathering others to enjoy it together around a table. My recipe development, photography, and styling all come from a place of looking to create experiences, starting in my kitchen and ending with friends around a table with a glass of wine and meaningful conversation.


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Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m always gathering inspiration, especially through walking the streets of my city. Portland is such a stunning city and I feel so blessed to be here. My weekends are often spent downtown at local coffee shops and the farmer’s market, taking in all the beauty through stocking up on fresh produce for the week and enjoying amazing, locally sourced food from some of Portland’s best cafés and shops.

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What has been one of your most rewarding projects so far?

That’s a hard question to answer! I would say one of my most rewarding projects has been my recent workshop co hosted with Eva Kosmas Flores. We had such a beautiful group of bloggers and photographers join us for a full day in a stunning industrial venue in downtown Portland. It’s always so inspiring to spend time with people who are passionate about the same things. The whole day was just perfect and I look forward to future opportunities to continue on with workshops, events and dinner parties.


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What do you see for the future of Portland Fresh and your work as a creative? Do you have any upcoming projects that you's like to share?

I’m passionate about what I do and would love to move towards full time work as a photographer and stylist, also traveling over seas for projects and collaborations. Additionally, I’d love to work more directly with local businesses to represent their incredible work and spaces through photography and various partnerships for events etc…

It seems there’s always a few things in the works that get me excited. I have a couple of upcoming collaborations that will be in print and that really gets me thrilled. Having my work published always brings so much joy. Make sure to follow my journey on my blog but also on Instagram as I post regularly on upcoming and current collaborations and features.


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Please describe your workplace.

My workplace is always changing, depending on the project I’m working on. My kitchen is beautiful, but I have some staging to do for the aesthetic I shoot with and of course there’s a lovely prop collection I’ve been accumulating… oh it’s dangerous that prop shopping. My work space as a whole moves locations quite often, depending on whom I’m collaborating with. I love that aspect as it opens up new realms of creativity when my environment is consistently changing.


What are some of your local recommendations for the city you live in?

I live in Portland Oregon on the west coast; one of the most beautiful cities that is full of amazing local favorites:

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